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London Transit appreciates the ongoing feedback received from the riders and non-riders alike on a variety of topics and initiatives. We are currently reviewing our bus routes and services and are again asking for your feedback.

Take part in the discussion at the Let's Talk Transit drop in centre, or email your comments and questions. For more information, see the Let's Talk Transit page.

2014 Fall Schedule Changes

Effective August 31, 2014, changes will be made to a number of route schedules for the Fall 2014 season. For more information on these changes, see the Upcoming Schedules page. As always, current schedule information can be found on the Routes and Schedules page.

2014 Route Changes

The London Transit Commission approved the following route changes to take effect August 31, 2014:

  1. Route 90 Express – The route will be extended south from downtown to White Oaks Mall operating weekdays from 6am to 6pm, utilizing a limited number of stops. The peak period frequency (7am-9am and 2pm-6pm) along the entire route will be increased from 30 minutes to 20 minutes.

  2. Route 10 Wonderland/14 Highbury – add one all day bus on weekdays and Saturdays to the route to assist with schedule adherence issues;

  3. Route 91 Express - A new semi-express, limited stop route operating along Oxford St. between Fanshawe College and Oxford and Wonderland. The service will be peak period only (7am to 9 am and 2pm to 6pm) operating between September and April.

  4. Route 2C Dundas – The routing of the “short turn” service previously operating between Western University and Downtown has been modified to operate between Western University and Wharncliffe and Riverside only. The shorter travel distance will provide more frequent service and assist with overcrowding issues along this corridor.

  5. Route 10B Wonderland – frequency along the 10B routing will be increased to operate every 20 minutes between 7am and 6pm and every 30 minutes between 6pm and 9 pm.

  6. Route 27 Fanshawe – Frequency between 6pm and 9pm will be increased from 30 minutes to 20 minutes during the school period to assist with overcrowding issues.

  7. Route 38 Stoney Creek/Fanshawe West – Addition of ealy evening (6pm-9pm) weekday service.

  8. Route 30 Newbold – The route will be extended along Wilton Grove Road to service the Brose/Commerce industrial area.

  9. Community Bus – The number of daily trips on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will be reduced from 5 to 4. The change will make the schedule consistent with the current Wednesday schedule as well as improve schedule adherence.

For further information regarding the 2014 fall route changes, please see Staff Report #1.

The Commission would like to extend its appreciation to the 400+ people who took part in public meetings and provided their feedback through the online survey discussing the route changes.

We’re testing our NEW smart card technology!

London is joining the ranks of leading urban centres by implementing convenient and efficient new Smart Card technology. During the months of March and April, we will be testing the various aspects of our new Smart Card system. Please see the Smart Card Q&A page to answer some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have other questions, please contact us at 519-451-1347 or via email at

Priority & Courtesy Seating


The Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) requires businesses and organizations to provide accessible services to people with disabilities. The goal is for Ontario to be fully accessible by 2025.

The Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR, 191-11), is a standard developed under the AODA which includes 80 accessibility standards relating to transportation, employment, and information and communications. Compliance dates set out in the IASR range from July 2011 through January 2021.


Description: I:\LTCsite\images\PrioritySeating_small.png

Description: I:\LTCsite\images\CourtesySeating_small.png

In compliance with Section 49 of Regulation 191-11, Ontario's public transit authorities now provide Priority seating designated for use by passengers with disabilities.

For more information, please see the Priority & Courtesy Seating page.