Public Transit Tax Credit
Effective July 1, 2006,
Canadians will be eligible to claim a 15.5% non-refundable tax credit on all transit passes of one month or longer duration for travel on public transit vehicles. Accordingly, cash and ticket fares do not apply.

The pass should not be mailed with the individual's tax return. Instead, the pass is the only necessary receipt and should be retained for claiming the tax credit and must be available if audited. No other receipt, except those obtained by request at time of purchase or for confiscated passes (noted below), will be issued by London Transit for passes purchased. The Canada Revenue Agency recommends that the owner inscribe his/her name on the pass at the time of purchase for proof of ownership.

A pass can and will be confiscated for inappropriate use. An individual who has had his/her pass confiscated must report in person, within one week of confiscation, to our main office at 450 Highbury Avenue North to obtain a replacement receipt for tax purposes.

For further information regarding the public transit tax credit, please go to Click Here or contact the Canada Revenue Agency at